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Summer Camp (ages 10-14)

Summer day-camp for teenagers  ages 10-14 

Months of limitations and online activities are behind us, but we are all looking forward to the personal contact and joy that comes with socializing. Hoping and believing that we will be able to breathe a little this summer, we are looking forward to the first week of the holidays, when we will spend some time in fun activities, learn new skills, and answer difficult life questions. With a group of American students, we will strengthen our knowledge of English, get to know different cultures, and generally have a great time! The workshops will be conducted by volunteers and individuals who are experts in their field (fencing and public speaking).

The camp will take place in Šiška, Ljubljana; most of the activities will take place at Celovška 43, where the premises of the Binkoštna cerkev Center are located, and in the Tivoli Park. Should the activities related to Covid-19 be moved to the open air, the camp is expected to take place in Tivoli.


The price for the whole week is 50 €, which includes all activities and all meals. We also have some subsidies available, so if you need it, just mark it in the application form and together we will find a solution. If you have to cancel the camp at the last minute due to government action, we will refund the amount paid to you in full.

Here is a camp schedule in Slovene.


* In the morning, we will weave friendships and learning new things, with fun activities. On the first day, as icebreakers, groups will receive activities that they will have to complete together as a group so that individuals will get to know each other a little. In the afternoon, however, we will learn practical life skills such as surviving in nature, learning about other cultures, and understanding difference. We will also together enjoy workshops with crafts, which will be both artistic and technical in nature. All activities will merge together on the last day, when we will compete in the "Amazing race," as teams will be required to test their newly acquired knowledge.

** In the afternoon, we will also draw on Christian content (a biblical story) where we will explore what the Bible tells us about Jesus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. 



Tel: 051/235-889 (Diana)

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