Beroja - Bible study



During the year Mozaik and its network facilitate seminars to support the local community. 

  • These can be educational seminars to meet a need in the community, marriage and family, parenting, and life skills etc.

  • These seminars are on occasion technical in nature to help and encourage people to grow their talents and skills. Members can arrange seminars for photography, arts, or crafts etc.

  • Mozaik partners with Voditi z namenom in support of leadership development seminars.    


Beroja Slovenija - Biblijski inštitut

Mozaik partners with Beroja Slovenija to host the Bible study program facilitated by Beroja Slovenija in Ljubljana.


  • 12 Courses over 3 years

  • 3 seminars per year at each location (Murska Sobota and Ljubljana)

  • Sign up in Murska Sobota or Ljubljana   

We bring in qualified, experienced professors from here in Slovenia and abroad to provide a wonderful learning and education environment. 

Students Taking Exams
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