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The invasion of Ukraine and the state of war is causing a crisis that is affecting millions of people. We want to support our partners in Hungary and Poland, who are helping refugees directly at the border. As a result of being forced to move out quickly, they are in need of the basics of life: food, clothing, shelter, hygiene items, and so on. All donations go directly to the needs Ukrainian refugees. 

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Donate for Ukraine

Donations are received to the Mozaik account.

Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana 
Celovška cesta 70, 1000 Ljubljana
Purpose: "Ukraine"

TRR: SI56 0201 3026 2915 797

You may also donate by credit card via PayPal.
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Our goals is to support those who are in real need because of the consequences of war. To be active in our love and compassion for others.


For more information please email us!

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