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Sašo in Renata

Georgievski -


Sašo alongside his wife Renata has been the pastor of a local church plant in his hometown of Kumanovo, Macedonia since they both graduated from ETS Osijek in 2002. This church plant was established as part of the Evangelical Church Network in Macedonia that began in 1989. As you see in the Mission Update, the church building has been newly built and is currently even functioning as the nation's only Bible School which Sašo also leads.

Three easy ways to support Sašo in Renata:

1. Send your support to the church

Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana 


Celovška 70, p.p. 30-30

1000 Ljubljana, 

Slovenija, EU

Indicate that your support is for Sašo in Renata


2. Deposit direct to Bank 

Deposit funds direct to Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana

Namen: Mozaik (oseba)

Bank: Nova Ljubljanska Banka 

Account: TRR: SI56 0201 3026 2915 797

3. By Card 
Go to the the page Podprite misijonarja 
Complete the form so we know who funds are intended for and then donate using the PayPal option.

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