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Join a Missions Experience

Become an Intern

Support a Missionary

Missions Expereinces

Short Term Missions Experience 

Due to Covid-19 situation, missions experiences are currently suspend until it is recommended as safe to travel.

The Mozaik Team is aiming to facilitate mission experiences mainly to our Balkan neighbors. We have been to Macedonia 8 times. We aim to have one trip in the Spring and one in Fall. Past teams have been involved in working with the local church, street evangelism, working with Roma villages, serving refugees in the immigration center, helping with various projects, building, cleaning. Connecting with church communities, learning from them and encouraging those in our host culture. 

Our goal is transformational, becoming, not so much as doing. Therefore we emphasis learning from the culture, we normally arrange for presentations of history and context and focus on supporting and serving our hosts rather than our own projects. 


  • Pre mission training 

  • Planning of mission activities

  • Transportation, Food and Accommodation included

  • Follow up debriefing sessions       


The Republic of North Macedonia gained its independence in 1991 as one of the successors from Yugoslavia. North Macedonia has a population of 2.02 million, 64.17% are Macedonians, 25.17% Albanians, 3.5% Turks, 2.66% Roma, with the remaining minorities consisting of Serbs, Bosnians, and various ethic groups.


Despite being under the rule of the Turks, 70% of Macedonians are said to be Eastern Orthodox. There are small numbers of Evangelical Protestant believers. Baptists and Methodist were the early Protestant church's started in the early 20th century.  

Macedonia has a tremendously rich history, people are warm and friendly, and food is great. With many opportunity for ministry this is a great country to visit. 


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a population of 3.4 million, which is fallen from 4.3 million in 1991. Bosnia is comprised of three main people groups: Bosniaks who have been Muslims, Serbs who have been Orthodox and Croatians who have been Catholics. The economy was devastated by the war of 1991-1996, and many Bosnians have left the nation in search for work opportunities, which has been a significant challenge for the nation. 


Evangelical Christians make a very small part of the population, however, there are some very faithful servants serving small vibrant and growing groups in the nation.  


Montenegro has a population of approximately 620,000 people, a small but growing nation. The vast majority of the population are of Slavic origin and Orthodox in religion. Montenegro is most well know around the world for its exceptionally beautiful beaches as a tourist destination. 

The first Evangelical church was established in 1996 in Podgorica to serve the nation and small ministries are making steady progress.   

Intern Opportunities

Intern in the Central or Eastern Europe

Team work

Mozaik organizes internship opportunities from 2 - 16 months. 

These internship opportunities are specific and arranged for those who are seeking service opportunities and deciding about full term opportunities. 



  • Language lessons

  • Opportunities to work with and build relationships with local ministry

  • Interns will be assigned an experienced coach in the host culture

  • Will learn history, context, present challenges, and future ministry opportunities


  • These opportunities are only provided for high quality candidates, with references and their support arranged.  

  • Apply by sending email of your intent and an online interview will be arranged. 


Support a Missionary

Partner with us to support and grow missions

Mozaik is working to raise a team of partners to support local and national ministries here is Slovenia and the Balkan region. By connecting with theses missionaries and partnering with them in Prayer, Finances, and Going, you are partnering for positive change. 

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Partnering with us in Prayer 

We are seeking to build a prayer team to support our missionaries and ministries in prayer. 

Partnering with us with Finances

All workers and ministries require support to enable them to be effective. We are seeking to build a team to support these vital workers.  

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