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Who We Are

Who We Are?

Welcome to Mozaik. A mozaik is produced when we gather small broken fragments, assembling them together to make a new creation. A mozaik is far greater than the sum of all the individual elements, a beautiful representation of a much bigger story, God's story When we bring people together to combine their gifts, strengths, resources, and wisdom we invited them in to be part of something far much bigger than themselves. Therefore Mozaik seeks to bring people together for workshops, seminars, educational opportunities, serving and helping our community through:

  • Connecting 

  • Caring  

  • Sharing  

How We Got Here

The vision for Mozaik was simply conceived by looking at our community and asking how we can help? With our resources and connections how can we best serve and support our community to care for one another better? On one side we have a relationship with a University in the US who prepare students to serve in cross-cultural contexts. On the other side we are a church community that seeks to follow the instruction of Jesus by loving our neighbor. We believe that we love our neighbor by serving and creating opportunities for fellowship, relationships, and serving and enjoying together.  These relationships are best developed when we create opportunity for people to share their gifts, talents and skills with others. Therefore during the year we create opportunities to share talents and skills through relationship opportunities. Some of the ways we plan to create relationship opportunities:

  • Craft activates

  • Music clubs

  • Language classes

  • Seminars and education

  • Book club

  • Mission opportunities to invest in and serve cross-culturally

  • And more…

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that man and woman were created in the image of God and it is the creator who has conferred the dignity and value of each individual human. We believe that our creator has called us to love our neighbor and that loving requires actions to serve and benefit those with whom we meet. We plan to do this by creating a safe place, building relationships and the contexts for people to share and serve others with their talents, skills, and gifts.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email, web page or via our Social Media channels.

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