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Vesela novica (CEF) 
Lijana Kerčmar

Liljana Kerčmar from Ljutomer has been working and teaching children for the last 22 years. In between, she and her husband, Alen, were also educated abroad. They're parents to three children. Liljana was largely encouraged to work with children by sister Tončka Šeruga. Now that Tončka is taking part in the mission and the Lord's work in a different way, Liljana continues her work among the children in Pomurje, whether in the Sunday school, in children's clubs, at summer camps and day camps.


Liljana is grateful for trust and support shown in prayer, financial support and opportunity to continue to work together in the future.

Three easy ways to support Liljana:

1. Send your support to the church

Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana


Celovška 70, p.p. 30-30

1000 Ljubljana, 

Slovenija, EU

Indicate that your support is for Liljana


2. Deposit direct to Bank 

Deposit funds direct to Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana

Namen: Mozaik (Liljana)

Bank: Nova Ljubljanska Banka 

Account: TRR: SI56 0201 3026 2915 797

3. By Card 
Go to the the page Support Missionary
Complete the form so we know who funds are intended for and then donate using the PayPal option. 
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