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Update on Ukraine


Many thanks to those who have donated to help support the vulnerable in their time of need. As of last Friday all funds gathered for Ukraine Relief Fund have been transferred 1/3 to Hungry mission and 2/3 to Poland mission, based on the numbers of refugees in each country. We will continue to transfer funds as they gather. Funds have been used as follow:

  • In Poland some of the monies were used to buy old vans to then travel into Ukraine and rescue those most vulnerable from harm’s way. 

  • Warehouses are organized on the border regions to gather supplies of water, food, and hygiene products, which are then transported across the border to churches who are distributing them to the needy.

  • Both in Poland and Hungary the refugees are received across the border, given food, and allowed space to wash and rest before moving to temporary shelters.

  • Both Poland and Hungary are helping to connect the vulnerable and needy to opportunities for temporary accommodation.

  • 100% of funds are going directly to the needs of those displaced by the war.

Pastor Marek update from Poland

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Our goals is to support those who are in real need because of the consequences of war. To be active in our love and compassion for others.


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